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[ENG] Cleõphüzz: Wizard of Phüzz

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From the french-fried Canadian lands of Quebec, it comes to ours «péruviens» ears, a debut group who, despite this, revolutionizes the Stoner scene with a terrific EP: “Wizard of Phüzz”, a mini album that it has left me more than surprised, it has touched me in a way that I consider it as my referring to be part of the best disks if it is not the best in the actual year.

Alex Sabourin, the founder of the group, mentioned to us that the band has born in a natural way. He was coming for a time practicing some riffs on the guitar, issue that he wanted to take it a step further, when is that it starts to jammear next to Joseph Grenier, the group’s current drummer, with the intention to add a little more taste to what they were doing, subsequently, would add Joe Poitras, Alex’s cousin and first guitar of the group, who would come to give them a signal that it was the moment to start a band: Cleõphüzz.

¿And that name? You will ask me. I had a simple answer of the band thereon: is a name of our ancient religion «Cléophas» which one we modify for been «Cleofuzz» simply because we like the fuzz.

Within their influences we found as the pillars, besides to the rock genre itself, bands like Black Sabbath, Kyus and Fu Manchu, together with other more of the Californian style stoner rock. Added to these, they are also as part of the larger figure of inspiration of Canadians groups such as Samsara Blues Experiment, Naxatras, 1000mods, Sleep, among other more.

Their melodies run through the arid desert of -obviously- fuzz rock through the paths of a groovy psychedelia, while a post-rock cosmic adds the landscape of thousands of galaxies at the distance inside this crucible of stoner rock raised to the «n» power. But it is not only in the generic spectrum of their musical influences, but seek to add what is theirs, their personal touch, to the giant already world of stoner, through the use of cellos and the creation of melodies doomed to a desert space instrumental rock.

When, in a conversation in internet, God Bless Facebook, ask to Alex about what other sources of inspiration have as a band, beyond than the music, he answer, literally, the next thing: «!Joe’s mother¡ She is a natural artist, she lives in a beautiful, very spiritual and beautifully decorated house. She plays music from always and it is very inspiring. Each time we improvise (in the backyard shed of Joe’s mom’s house) I feel so quiet. Literally we entered our bubble and create good shit. In general, press «record» in our audio card as soon as we entered the shed, and at night we enjoyed what we have touched.

“Wizard of Phüzz” conceives, in addition, a conceptual panorama, where the EP us narrates a history by means of his music, letters and even, his front. The disc composed by four topics, tells us the history of a few travelers of the desert who see a Sandstorm, Coming closer towards them, which manage to leave, thirsty, having ahead only Mirages. Until they meet Cleophuzz, the sorceress of the phuzz, seated, alone, in the dunes, they waving peyote in order that they eat it-As is the front page. After consuming it, they start burning and flying in the Half Moon Ritual. After a hard night of travels, the reality counter-attacks and returns them to his way, a real Walk of Shame.

“Wizard of Phüzz” open with “Sandstorm”- for if it has not become evident already- an instrumental very atmospheric topic doomed to the stoner rock more mainstream- but with their own notes, very experimental touches. “Mirage” appears after, with a high intensive melody, more blues accompanied of an aggressive voice, which accentuates the side more rock of the album. “Half Moon Ritual” it carries out for the most spiritual side of the band using a lysergic guitar and tribal percussion- along with appearances of the cello – takes us on an interstellar journey east of more than nine minutes, soft aesthetic, post rock, but intense. The EP close with “Walk of Shame” a kind of melodic tribute to the style rock from Palm Desert, very well done.

It is worth adding that the band does not have the presence of bass, instrument that is not surprising thanks to the splendid work of the two guitars.

Released: March 30th, 2018
Recorded: Studio Lachapelle
Studio: Studio Lachapelle
Members: Alex Sabourin, Joé Poitras, Joseph Grenier, Carolune Rondeau
Label: KeepHope
Producers: Francois Lachapelle, Yannick St-Amand
Cover: Tessa Najjar
Editions: digital, CD

Translated by: Franco García
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